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Events are made to communicate with people. To send a message to your guests/employees/clients or the public. To catch them at their needs and feelings to fill them with enthusiasm for your matter.

We wake up emotions and activate all senses. An Event is more than just seeing and hearing. To taste, to smell, to see, to hear and to feel your Event will move everybody in the spell of your motto.


We drive the creation, concept and organisation to new sphares to make the realisation of your Event in perfection and that Event could be almost everything like a company jubilee, product presentation, employee event, wedding, incentive, demonstration or other public events.

Your guests will remember extraordinary experiences and  succinct details, to engrave your message in a positive context in their mind.


Because we take care of your marketing & social media we can reach more people and your message will go viral.

We love to be crazy for details!


  • project management  

  •  concept

  • safety concept

  • marketing

  • realisation

  • Equipment

  • Catering

corporate events

We love to be crazy for details!

employee events

We love to be crazy for details!

public events


We love to be crazy for details!

emergency concepts

We love to be crazy for details!

live marketing & promotion

We love to be crazy for details!


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